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International Women Engineering Day 2022
Tech blog

Marija Bojcic and International Women in Engineering Day

We find out how Marija’s innate drive, and boundless curiosity led her to begin a career in Engineering.

23 Jun 2022

Funding Cloud
Tech blog

The Funding Cloud (™) journey – 6 months on

It’s been six months since Funding Options launched Funding Cloud (™), a technology designed by our in-house tech team. It connects businesses, lenders and partners to facilitate fast, accurate and secure access to funding at scale. In this article, our Product Manager, Akruti Amin, reflects on how Funding Cloud (™) has evolved since April.

13 Oct 2021

Tech blog

Who makes up the SME lending ecosystem?

The SME lending ecosystem is made up of numerous entities operating in the business finance sector, including business banks, non-bank lenders, accountancy firms and lending platforms like Funding Options. Read on to find out more about how the lending ecosystem is evolving, and how Funding Cloud is helping to support it.

3 Aug 2021

Tech debt
Tech blog

Tech Debt? What Tech Debt?...Exactly.

In our latest tech-focused article, Funding Options’ Front End Tech Lead Tom Parsons kills Tech Debt. Yes, you heard us correctly! Read on to find out how Tech Debt’s demise has helped Tom and his team drive greater efficiency within our organisation.

21 Jul 2021

Open Accounting
Tech blog

3 common myths about Open Accounting

Open Accounting enables lenders to leverage up-to-date information in order to provide businesses with the funding their business needs. In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits of Open Accounting and separate the truth from the fiction.

1 Jul 2021

Tech blog

Why is Funding Options embracing hybrid working?

A growing number of businesses are embracing hybrid working, where employees divide their time between working in the office and remotely. Our IT Manager, Nourhan Elshenawi, explains why she thinks this approach will work for our organisation.

15 Jun 2021

Product design at Funding Options
Tech blog

What it's like to work in product design at Funding Options

At Funding Options, we work collaboratively to make funding more accessible for business owners. Designing our Funding Cloud platform has been particularly exciting, and we’re continuing to refine and improve it as we speak.

1 Jun 2021

Funding Cloud
Tech blog

How is Funding Cloud solving problems for customers?

As a business owner, where do you go to find out what business finance is available to you? Lots of businesses use our free platform to find funding quickly. Now, Funding Cloud is making the process even faster. But what is it, exactly? Our CTO, Aleks Kudić, explains all in our latest Q&A.

25 May 2021

Person typing in code
Tech blog

Accelerating delivery, reliability and process efficiencies

How do you eliminate unnecessary back and forth and get your Front End and Back End teams running in parallel? For Funding Options’ Front End Tech Lead, Tom Parsons, contracts hold the key.

13 May 2021


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