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Exchange rate
FX & International Payments

How can SMEs mitigate exchange rate risk?

If your company makes financial transactions in foreign currencies, it should be aware of the business risks surrounding exchange rates (known as “FX risk”), and what it can do to mitigate them. All currencies can experience periods of high volatility. Approaching FX risk strategically and measuring your exposure can help you protect your profit margins and continue to thrive internationally.

3 Aug 2022

Airplane taking off
FX & International Payments

How do I use Wise to receive money from a client?

Powered by Wise, Funding Options provides SMEs with greater choice when it comes to FX and international payments. Create an international business account to pay invoices, suppliers and employees — with the real exchange rate — in more than 70 countries, without the added burden of subscription fees and hidden charges. Receiving money from clients is also easy. Here’s how:

28 Feb 2022

FX & International Payments

How to pay an international invoice

It’s easy to understand why businesses want to trade and hire talent internationally. Adopting a global mindset can open up opportunities and make companies more competitive. But how can UK businesses be globally active without having to pay costly fees when they transfer money overseas? With an international business account, it’s easy.

16 Feb 2022

International payments
FX & International Payments

How to overcome international payment challenges as an SME

SMEs make up 90% of businesses worldwide, and the SME market in the UK contributes £2 trillion a year to the economy. SMEs also contribute significantly to international trade volumes – $35 trillion of trade is expected this year as the economy continues to recover. <br> Yet despite the pivotal role SMEs play, they’ve traditionally had to navigate complicated and costly international payment systems. Corporate B2B payment platforms aren’t always viable for small business owners who usually rely on their bank to facilitate transactions.

13 Jan 2022


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