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Funding Cloud: Insights

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Turn data into your biggest asset

Uniting the SME finance sector by empowering ecosystem participants with the business insights and sector-specific growth trends they need to help bridge the funding gap. By combining an unparalleled depth and scale of data with our award-winning technology and data-led ethos, users can leverage both holistic and tailored data analytics to accelerate the evolution of their lending offering, increase customer value and improve ROI.

Through Funding Cloud: Insights we provide:


A lens into the market: see the bigger picture, connect the dots and maximise opportunities with confidence.


Derive more from data: gain the advantage and unlock your business's full potential.


Act on insights: accelerate business-critical decision making to drive commercial performance and help bridge the funding gap.

SME borrowing insights

SME borrowing insights

The borrowing requirements of SMEs are ever-changing, with this data often difficult to obtain, incomplete, or inaccurate. This can leave industry players on the backfoot when making decisions regarding products, pricing or understanding risk.

FC: Insights gives users a lens into the market, placing them at the forefront of product development, and enabling them to more efficiently attract and retain the right customers. Through intuitive data aggregation and analysis, users will gain detailed insights on how to improve lending capability and efficiency, to become more competitive within the lending landscape.

An all encompassing data visualisation and modelling tool

Understand the scale and demographics of both funded and unfunded businesses

Create diversified, market leading products to promote greater competitive choice for SMEs, to drive commercial outcomes and to better manage risk

Drive outcome focused, data-driven decision making to create value for both your business and customers

Reduce time and cost associated with market research

SME lending insights

SME lending insights

Speed to insight is critical. But, with market data on SME lending being neither widely available nor standardised, users lack visibility on how they perform compared to competitors, how to maximise market opportunities, and how to better understand the underlying reasons for why they’re losing out on customers.

FC: Insights provides clarity on performance and removes the uncertainty of the future by unlocking the data necessary to understand key market behaviours and maintain a competitive edge. Through advanced analytical tools and intuitive data visualisation, users can benchmark industry performance, identify growth opportunities and stay two steps ahead of the game.


Unbiased, powerful data-driven insights to increase your competitive edge

Understand your competitive position, identify market opportunities and grow market share

Adapt product and pricing and measure performance against the market

Analyse and improve business performance metrics and make insight driven commercial decisions

Extract meaningful and actionable insights without draining valuable resources


Simple Platform Design

A fast, intuitive interface with interactive and extendable dashboards that allows users to clearly and effectively ‘communicate with data/leverage data.’

Robust Datasets

Powered by demand and supply-side insights to provide a holistic overview from across the lending market.

Powered by 3rd party integrations

Enriching existing datasets, increasing the granularity and accuracy of data

Native filtering

Use superior segmentation, providing in-depth insights, to identify best-performing metrics, build stronger pipelines and easily track overall performance.

Intelligent queries

Sophisticated reporting module providing standardised and customisable reports, empowering users to take action with confidence.

Coming soon

Idea validation

Use predictive analysis and statistical modelling to test hypotheses and deliver predictions for intelligent decision making.

Coming soon

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