How to apply for the Growth Guarantee Scheme

In July 2024, the government is launching an exciting new scheme called the Growth Guarantee Scheme. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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How to apply for the Growth Guarantee Scheme

With 5.51 million small businesses operating across the UK (and SMEs making up over 99% of all UK enterprises), it stands to reason that the government would actively want to support SMEs and continue to facilitate their significant contribution to the British economy.

One exciting new programme designed to achieve just this is the upcoming Growth Guarantee Scheme, set to launch 1 July 2024.

Here’s everything you need to know about the scheme, including what it is, how to find out if you’re eligible, and how to apply.

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What is the Growth Guarantee Scheme?

The government backed Growth Guarantee Scheme replaces the Recovery Loan Scheme (which in turn replaced the Bounce Back Loan Scheme) with the same loan terms as the Recovery Loan Scheme. The Growth Guarantee Scheme will run from its 1 July launch until 31 March 2026 and is estimated to help 11,000 businesses borrow up to £2M. 

This rebrand from the Recovery Loan Scheme to the Growth Guarantee Scheme demonstrates a commitment from the government to support the growth of British SMEs, given in the first instance the focus was on recovery and here the branding is centred around growth.

The government guarantee covers 70% of the loan amount, providing more security for lenders and a stronger incentive to extend credit to eligible businesses. The original iteration of this scheme started as a response to the difficulties many businesses faced as a result of Covid 19.

This scheme can be used to support pivotal business expenses, including equipment purchases, marketing campaign funding, and payroll. The scheme is launched in the hopes that businesses will have easier access to essential funding and vital support to facilitate growth thereby boosting the economy. There is also the hope that this scheme will enable reduced interest rates given the guarantee helps limit some of the exposure for lenders.

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Is my business eligible?

This scheme is targeted towards small businesses and as such, you must have a turnover of below £45 million. The last iteration (the Recovery Loan Scheme) predominantly supported businesses with fewer than 50 employees. Limited companies, sole traders, limited liability partnerships, and cooperative societies who have been trading for longer than two years are all eligible.

Banks, public sector companies, and businesses currently undergoing insolvency proceedings are not eligible. Additionally, businesses who gain more than 50% of their revenue from rentals or other non-trading activities are also ineligible.

Eligible funding solutions are offered for up to £2 million and businesses must be UK based and have a suitable business plan. If you meet these criteria, you can apply even if you have previously been awarded support through the Recovery Loan Scheme or Bounce Back Loan Scheme.

What can I use this funding for?

This scheme is designed to support business growth and can be used for business related purchases and fees, including but not limited to:

  • Onboarding new employees

  • Expanding operations

  • Pursuing avenues for greater growth

  • Investing in new tech or equipment, including non-physical assets such as software products

  • Sales and marketing materials, both the creation and distribution

  • Upgrading your existing infrastructure

  • Expanding or improving your business premises

  • Covering day-to-day expenses

  • Managing seasonal fluctuations in revenue

  • Paying suppliers

  • Purchasing stock and inventory

  • Testing and developing new products to launch 

Basically, it’s any activity that facilitates your business growth. If in doubt, speak to your broker or lender to find out if you can use this funding for what you have in mind.

Just remember– you’re 100% liable for the debt you take out.

What if I’m not eligible?

That’s completely okay, not all businesses are eligible. Maybe you don’t pass credit checks or maybe your turnover surpasses £45 million. There is still help at hand. 

At Funding Options by Tide, we work to match borrowers to suitable lenders. Get in touch with us to find funding solutions for:

  • Secured business loans: Do you have property or other assets that you’re willing to put up as security against a loan? If so, a secured business loan may be a suitable solution for you. While secured loans can take a little longer to arrange, they generally contain more favourable interest rates and terms when compared to an unsecured loan. Plus, anything from your accounts receivable to a tractor or piece of land can be used as collateral.

  • Unsecured business loans: If you don’t have any assets, or if you’d prefer not to put up your assets as security, you can seek out unsecured business loans as an alternative funding solution. There are a range of unsecured loan types available, each is targeted towards differing needs. For example, a business credit card can support purchasing monthly inventory while you wait for invoices to clear, whereas a merchant cash advance could help you purchase new machinery or update your IT or equipment.

  • Start up loans: Start up loans are designed to support younger businesses who may sometimes struggle to find funding due to a shorter financial track record. They are usually more accessible than traditional business loans. They can feature some form of mentorship or government growth support, however, they can sometimes require a personal guarantee.

How to apply for the Growth Guarantee Scheme

Once you’ve confirmed eligibility using the criteria above, approach one of the British Business Bank accredited lenders and apply for a loan, overdraft, invoice finance, or asset finance solution and they can organise the guarantee on their end.

As a broker, we can help you apply by matching you with a suitable lender if you’re eligible. Simply fill in your information here to start the application process.

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We act as a broker to help businesses find funding between £1000 and £20M. Just click the link below and fill in the information to find out if you’re eligible for either the Growth Guarantee Scheme or another form of financing.

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Please note that the information above is not intended to be financial advice. You should seek independent financial advice before making any decisions about your financial future.

It’s important to remember that all loans and credit agreements come with risks. These risks include non-payment and late-payment of the agreed repayment plan, which could affect your business credit score and impact your ability to find future funding. Always read the terms and conditions of every loan or credit agreement before you proceed. Contact us for support if you ever face difficulties making your repayments.

Funding Options, now part of Tide, helps UK firms access business finance, working directly with businesses and their trusted advisors. Funding Options are a credit broker and do not provide loans directly. All finance and quotes are subject to status and income. Applicants must be aged 18 and over and terms and conditions apply. Guarantees and Indemnities may be required. Funding Options can introduce applicants to a number of providers based on the applicants' circumstances and creditworthiness. Funding Options will receive a commission or finder’s fee for effecting such finance introductions.

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