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Supporting colleagues at work

How to support your mental health at work

Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, supporting your mental health at work is vital for many reasons such as productivity and your general wellbeing at work. We explore some of the best ways in which business owners and employees can support mental health at work.

6 Oct 2021

Funding Options X Addition

Funding Options X Addition: Finances & Funding the complete guide for small businesses

Applying for business funding can be an exciting, yet sometimes overwhelming, step in the business journey for any entrepreneur or business founder. Whether it’s government grant schemes or business loans, there are a lot of options out there in the lending market, and knowing how to navigate the options (and when) to access them is crucial for any SME.

5 Oct 2021

boxes stacked in a warehouse

Supply chain pressures: is it time to onshore, reshore or explore China Plus One?

As traditional trade routes become more unstable, ties with the manufacturing giant China become more unsettled and the pandemic continues to hammer global supply chains, reshoring has shot up the agenda. Sanjay Vallabh, founder of Vallabh Associates Ltd. joins our Head of Advisory Thomas Boyd, to look at how businesses who want to diversify away from this position and make their supply chains more resilient.

4 Oct 2021

celebrating brilliant Black-owned businesses

Celebrating Black-owned businesses in the UK

We love to see startup businesses grow from the initial idea to securing funding, and as part of Black History month, we took a look at resounding successes from Black-owned businesses in the UK. From the types of businesses to funding, we celebrate Black entrepreneurs and explore findings from the Black Report with Google for Startups.

3 Oct 2021

funding your business

Fund-based and non-fund based credit limits

Working capital finance can be divided into fund-based and non-fund-based credits. The difference between the two is whether they’re physical funds or guaranteed by assurance. We explore both funding options and why they’re a great option for any business looking for capital to help grow.

29 Sept 2021

 Build a digital future by adding funding to your advisory proposition webinar

Build a digital future by adding funding to your advisory proposition webinar

On the 27 September 2021, our Head of Advisory Thomas Boyd and Advisory Partnership Manager Steve Whelan hosted a webinar in partnership with the IFA to discuss how accountants, business consultants and practitioners could build a digital future by adding funding to your advisory proposition.

27 Sept 2021

Woman Cleaning Sweet Potatoes

Funding for businesses experiencing supply chain problems and delays

The rise in the price of natural gas is having a significant impact on supply chains across the UK and overseas. Let’s take a closer look at how supply chain disruption is impacting different sectors, and explore how businesses can use funding to boost their cash flow.

26 Sept 2021

filing coporation taxes

What is corporate tax?

In the UK, corporate or corporation tax is paid by all UK limited companies and other corporations and groups that make a profit in the UK. The amount each company pays depends on the annual turnover less their expenses. We explore corporation tax and how to pay it, in our latest blog here.

22 Sept 2021

Group of people planning in meeting

Why alternative finance is not so alternative anymore

At Funding Options, we think it’s time for the industry to drop the ‘alternative’ from alternative finance. Funding Circle delivered almost a quarter of all CBILS loans, and Starling Bank expects to own 18% of SME business banking accounts within the next five years. Fintech lenders have entered the mainstream - we need to give them the recognition they deserve.

21 Sept 2021


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