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credit score card

What is the best way to build business credit?

Credit is the lifeblood of business, the oil that keeps the cogs turning, without which the economy would grind to a halt. Here, we'll discuss how to build a credit rating and put your business in the best position to secure finance.

11 Apr 2022

Business Credit Cards

Top reasons to apply for business credit cards

Understand the benefits of getting a business credit card, such as streamlining your business spending or managing cash flow while earning rewards.

7 Apr 2022

MTD card

Are you ready for Making Tax Digital?

Are you ready for Making Tax Digital? Make sure you’re up to date with the new MTD rules beginning April 1, 2022.

30 Mar 2022


Spring Statement 2022: How will it impact businesses and households?

Amid the huge economic implications of the war in Ukraine and with inflation at its highest in three decades, Chancellor Rishi Sunak's Spring Statement included a number of new measures designed to support homes and businesses. Find out what’s new:

23 Mar 2022

Green Finance

How is extreme weather impacting SMEs and what can they do to prepare?

In February, a polar vortex unleashed a trio of deadly storms — Dudley, Eunice and Franklin — on the UK and Western Europe, with heavy winds causing widespread damage across the region. According to the experts, we can expect more storms like these. So what can business owners do to prepare for the rise in extreme weather, and what steps can UK medium and small businesses take to reduce their carbon footprint, remain environmentally friendly and play their part in the global race to net-zero?

18 Mar 2022

NMW Increase

The National Minimum Wage is increasing from April 1st

The National Minimum and the National Living Wage increase on April 1st 2022. It's a statutory legal requirement to raise pay rates, and if you're an employer, you need to be aware of the rise and the bands relating to age and employee status. <br><br> There are two important dates employers need to be aware of in April relating to pay. On April 1st, the national minimum wage rises in the UK, and on April 11th, statutory rate payments will also increase.

18 Mar 2022


Is it better to operate as a sole trader or limited company?

One of the first decisions you'll have to make when deciding to go into business is the legal status of your enterprise. Will you operate as a sole trader or limited company? These are the two most popular methods to run a business in the UK and will have profound implications on every aspect of your business. Tax, regulations, and employment are just three issues pivoting from your chosen status. Here we'll discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each to leave you better informed, no matter what choice you make.

14 Mar 2022


Funding Options launches digital-first platform for accountants

Funding Cloud: Connect enables accountants and advisors to manage and track finance offers for SME clients via a real-time fully integrated lending platform.

14 Mar 2022

Group of women in business

Women in business

Female entrepreneurs run a third of SMEs in the UK. Although this number can appear low when measured against gender demographics, the number has risen sharply in recent years.

10 Mar 2022


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