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Wind turbines
Green Finance

Why is it so important to fund green projects?

Analysis by *The Guardian* has revealed that the UK's low-carbon economy is worth over £200bn – four times more than the manufacturing sector. Experts agree the sector has the potential to tackle climate change and create sustainable jobs. However, they also warn that the UK can only make the transition to a low carbon economy if everyone supports a “national programme of transformation” – including SMEs.

25 Aug 2021

lend green
Green Finance

Why is it important to “Lend Green”?

The government’s vision to ‘Build Back Greener’ following the Covid-19 pandemic sets out a policy direction for the UK to reach its carbon emissions reduction target of 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels. But a new report from Bankers for Net Zero argues that for SMEs to implement sufficient carbon reduction policies and regulatory requirements, more financial support is needed.

10 Aug 2021

Green Finance mythbusters
Green Finance

5 common myths about green finance

Green finance is designed to fund sustainable businesses and business activities. However, a few remaining misconceptions about the costs and benefits of green finance mean some businesses are putting their initiatives to transition to net-zero on hold. Here’s why it’s time to lay any doubts aside and turn those green ideas into a reality.

26 Jul 2021

sustainable businesses
Green Finance

What is Green Finance and what does it mean for SME lending?

Green finance is a type of finance that’s been developed to support environmentally friendly businesses or business activities. This relatively new form of business finance has seen significant growth in recent times due to the commitments that governments, businesses and society has made to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 (underpinned by the Paris Agreement).

11 Jul 2021

Electric car
Green Finance

What should SMEs do to become net zero?

The UK recently agreed to legislate a new target to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035. It’s the most ambitious target for cutting carbon in the world, and will require everyone to play their part. So, what can SMEs do to scale back emissions and finally become net zero?

9 May 2021

Green Finance
Green Finance

Why it's important for SMEs to be net zero

Back in June 2019, the UK became the first major global economy to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050. Here’s why it’s so important for the nation’s small-to-medium sized businesses to play their part when it comes to reaching net zero.

20 Apr 2021


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