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Balloon getting inflated

Ideas to cope with rising inflation as a business

Inflation in the UK is running at a multi-decade high of 5.5%, placing considerable pressure on businesses, snaring them in a vicious cycle of rising prices to cover the increase of input prices. If clients can’t afford your costs, they might put off a purchase, spend less, or visit your business less.

25 Feb 2022

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Pricing checklist

Setting realistic targets for 2022 and how to raise the finance to achieve them

If your business survived 2020-2021, you’ve come through the deepest recession and trauma this country has experienced in several decades. In some ways, getting through the downturn and pandemic proves that you have grit, and your business is built on solid foundations; if your business survived the pandemic, you could survive just about anything. As society and businesses crank back into life after the lockdowns and restrictions, 2022 could be a bumper year for many SMEs. We’ll use specific businesses as examples to discuss ideas and examples of how to get the funding in place to achieve your ambitions and targets.

17 Feb 2022

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bilss and calculator

With 400,000 small businesses struggling to get paid on time, what are your options?

Many SMEs wait months for their invoices to get paid, and a knock-on effect can occur. You mightn’t have the cash on hand to pay your suppliers if you get paid late, and this ripple effect can put many businesses in danger and potentially affect their reputation and credit standing. You don’t have to avoid this overdue payment problem; you can challenge it head-on because two principal approaches exist to tackle the issue. You can negotiate with debtors and creditors or use specific finance options to alleviate cash flow issues. In this blog article, we’ll discuss both options in detail.

16 Feb 2022

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Business consultants

Six ideas to drum up business and cut costs at the start of the year

Once the Christmas and New Year rush is over, many businesses enter a lean period that can last until Spring. Lots of us overspend at the end of the year, so it’s not surprising that customers wait until their finances are back on track and under control before spending on non-essentials or luxuries. It’s not just retail businesses that can suffer in this lean time; service industries also experience a lack of orders, particularly B2C service businesses who rely on consumers digging into their pockets to pay for installations or perhaps building work on a house. But here’s the good news, you don’t have to sit there and wait for the customers to come through the front door, to call or fill in your online enquiry forms. With a bit of imagination, some basic techniques and graft, you can quickly get proactive and drum up business. So, let’s get creative and look at your options.

11 Feb 2022

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House mortgage graphic

What are limited company mortgages?

Limited company mortgages are a popular method for companies to raise capital from the assets that belong to the limited company. If your company has commercial or residential property in its portfolio and equity available to use as collateral, raising money can be a relatively straightforward matter. Similarly, if you’re looking to buy a new property for the company, a limited company mortgage might be the perfect solution.

9 Feb 2022

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Strawberries and chocolate

14 last-minute Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for retail and high street businesses

Valentine’s Day can be the first burst of profitable activity high-street businesses experience after the Xmas and New Year activity fades. For some, the increased activity and sales are more achievable. You’d expect gift shops, card shops, chocolatiers, florists and restaurants to be busy on the days leading to February 14. Salons and barbers also enjoy more sales as we get groomed for the night out. Here we’re going to suggest 14 quick, cheap promotional and marketing ideas you can put into practice over the next few days with little effort. The suggestions will be generic, so you’ll have to select which ideas fit your business.

8 Feb 2022

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Nutella shop

February 5th is World Nutella Day, what can we learn from one of Italy’s most successful brands?

As you stock up on a jar to open on February 5th, World Nutella Day, it’s worth considering the impact the hazelnut and cocoa spread has had on our eating habits and how it’s become one of the most successful business stories ever. Ferrero, which owns the Nutella brand, has a fascinating history. How it’s grown and managed should be considered an object lesson in sound management and growth for many business students.

4 Feb 2022

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10 monthly tasks for business owners

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “it takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan”. Running a successful business is as much about being organised as having dreams and ambitions. How many of these 10 monthly tasks are you prioritising right now?

1 Feb 2022

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Coffee machine

5 myths about asset based lending debunked

Asset finance comes in many different forms. Some people use it to purchase equipment for their business, but it has lots of other uses too. In our latest mythbuster instalment we’re taking a closer look at the most common asset-based lending misconceptions.

27 Jan 2022

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