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Women in Fintech

The Women in Fintech series: In conversation with India McWalters

Despite experiencing prejudice first hand, India wasn't deterred from building a successful career in fintech.

9 Feb 2021

woman organising her schedule

Key tax dates and deadlines for 2021

With so much going on at the moment, key tax dates and deadlines might be the last thing on your mind. So, to help you stay organised, we’ve compiled a list of important dates to be aware of when it comes to keeping on top of your accounting duties.

3 Feb 2021

coworkers having a chat

What is alternative business finance?

Alternative business funding is becoming increasingly popular with businesses across the UK. It’s a broad category that encompasses many different finance types, from asset finance to merchant cash advances. Read on to find out more about the features and benefits of this flexible form of funding for businesses.

3 Feb 2021

Women in Fintech

The Women in Fintech series: In conversation with Brittany Weake

When Brittany was told not to pursue a mathematical career because “women aren’t good at maths”, she became even more determined to take a seat at the table.

27 Jan 2021

Woman teaching at board

What are the features and benefits of a revolving loan?

If you’re looking for a flexible type of finance, a revolving loan (or revolving credit facility) could be the right solution for you. This alternative type of business finance allows you to withdraw money as and when your business needs it. Revolving finance can help you to alleviate cash flow challenges and invest in its future.

13 Nov 2020

asset refinancing

What is asset finance? A guide to asset financing for SMEs

Purchasing new equipment or machinery outright can pose a significant challenge for SMEs and can potentially cause cash flow issues. Often, businesses don’t have the working capital available to pay upfront for an asset. That’s where asset finance can come in handy.

30 Oct 2020

Merchant cash advance

How to start a business with a cash advance

Raising enough capital to purchase inventory and kickstart operations is one of the biggest challenges new business owners face. Established businesses can also face cash flow problems, for instance during seasonal dips or in times of economic uncertainty — such as the one we all find ourselves in today. Fortunately, there are a few business finance options out there that may be able to help.

22 Oct 2020

Working capital

What is working capital? Key terms and formulas explained

Every company owner knows that working capital is the not-so-secret sauce of any successful business. Yet achieving a healthy flow of working capital isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. In this guide to working capital, we’ll whizz through some of the key terms and teach you how to work out your own business’ working capital ratio.

16 Oct 2020

man holding credit card selection

How to get a credit card for a new business

Business credit cards are available for organisations of any shape or size—including new companies. If you’re a sole trader, run a small business or have recently set up a new one, you might be eligible for a business credit card.

8 Oct 2020


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