Zoe Cornish

Chief People & Operations Officer

Zoe Cornish is the Chief People & Operating Officer at Funding Options. Zoe has an extensive background in human resources and in developing and implementing people strategies within companies, covering employee engagement, performance management, organisational culture, coaching, as well as policies and practice. Prior to Funding Options, Zoe was the COO at Emerald group (acquired by Mind Tools).

What loans are available for women to start a business?

Investing in equality: What loans are available for women to start a business?

Research reveals that female-led businesses receive, on the whole, less funding than those managed by men. But why? Shouldn't industry's goal be to ensure a diverse and varied business landscape? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the problem and highlight some key finance options that every business owner can use to access finance, hopefully achieving greater gender parity.

7 Jul 2022

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International Women Engineering Day 2022
Tech blog

Marija Bojcic and International Women in Engineering Day

We find out how Marija’s innate drive, and boundless curiosity led her to begin a career in Engineering.

20 Jun 2022

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Queenie Card

Do I have to give my employees the day off for the extra bank holiday?

Many of us will be enjoying an extra bank holiday day off on Friday, 3 June, to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The end of May bank holiday has been moved to Thursday 2 June so that people can enjoy a four-day weekend. But is everyone entitled to the day off? It depends on your employee contract.

3 May 2022

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Funding Options' appoints Malcolm Leach as CTO

SME digital finance platform Funding Options appoints Malcolm Leach as CTO following strongest quarter since start of the pandemic. The Fintech’s proprietary real-time lending platform, Funding CloudTM, is a key revenue driver as SMEs turn to alternative lenders to support post-Covid recovery.

26 Apr 2022

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Group of women in business

Women in business

Female entrepreneurs run a third of SMEs in the UK. Although this number can appear low when measured against gender demographics, the number has risen sharply in recent years.

10 Mar 2022

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women in finance charter

Funding Options’ 2021 Women in Finance Charter update

In 2019, Funding Options signed the Women in Finance Charter as part of our commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable workplace. We were recently required to share an annual update on our progress in meeting our targets and objectives.

12 Oct 2021

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Mental health advice for employers

5 tips to help support your teams’ mental health as a business owner

According to the charity Mind, 1 in 6 workers experiences poor mental health symptoms such as stress and anxiety. Many business owners worry about the well-being of their teams but can often be too busy or may even feel unprepared to help. We look at some potential ways business owners can support the mental health of their employees, as well as their own health.

8 Oct 2021

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Supporting colleagues at work

How to support your mental health at work

Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, supporting your mental health at work is vital for many reasons such as productivity and your general wellbeing at work. We explore some of the best ways in which business owners and employees can support mental health at work.

6 Oct 2021

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Women in Fintech

The Women in Fintech series: In conversation with Akruti Amin

Akruti’s mentors helped her choose a path that wasn’t initially on her radar – one that would ultimately lead her to thrive in the Fintech industry.

22 Apr 2021

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