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Celebrating UK Black-owned businesses in 2022

We love to see startup businesses grow from the initial idea to securing funding. As part of Black History Month 2022, we’re taking a look at some of the successes of Black-owned businesses from across the UK. This year’s UK Black Business Show is taking place on 22 October in London – reserve your tickets today!

3 Oct 2022

21 SME cards

21% of SMEs say their accountant is their go-to resource for business finance

Here's how you, too, can ensure you’re the one they’ll turn to to help them navigate the often fractured SME lending landscape.

30 Sept 2022


How to use a restaurant business loan to finance your expansion

If you’re running a successful restaurant, you might be thinking about expanding to a new location. Growth in any sector can be challenging, so it’s important to have a solid plan in place and understand the different finance options available to you.

28 Sept 2022

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Which should I choose: invoice factoring or invoice discounting?

Waiting weeks or even months for invoices to be paid can put pressure on any business’s cash flow. But invoice factoring and discounting can ease the burden. Both invoice factoring and discounting enable businesses to unlock the cash tied up in their unpaid invoices. Factoring and discounting are types of invoice finance, and there are some key differences. So, which one is most suitable for your needs?

27 Sept 2022

Entrepreneurs suffering mental fatigue as 4 in 5 UK business owners consider return to employment

Survey reports fatigue among business owners

The survey of 1000 UK SMEs, conducted by Funding Options and Censuswide, found less than half of business owners are 'very confident' of surviving the next six months (42%)

27 Sept 2022


Is it difficult to get a loan for a commercial property?

Businesses buy commercial property for a variety of reasons: they might want to purchase a premises for their business, or add to their buy-to-let portfolio, for instance. Yet many business owners lack the cash to be able to buy commercial property outright, and this is where commercial property finance comes in. But how accessible are commercial property loans, exactly?

26 Sept 2022

Houses of Parliament

Chancellor’s “mini budget” – what does it mean for businesses?

On Friday, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng made his first fiscal statement since taking office. In his so-called “mini budget”, Kwarteng announced £50bn in tax cuts and outlined the ways in which the government plans to boost economic growth. So, in light of Friday’s announcement, what can businesses expect?

25 Sept 2022

alternative funding options

10 alternative funding options for small businesses

Despite not always being easy for a business to get a bank loan, several 'alternative' finance options cater to a more specialised market, offering increased flexibility around guarantees and repayment terms. Read on to learn more about the alternative funding options your business should consider.

11 Sept 2022

FC Insights

Funding Options bridges gap in SME funding

London, 06.09.2022: Funding Options, the leading marketplace for business finance, has launched Funding Cloud: Insights to bring unparalleled data to SME lenders with a breadth of market insight capable of driving new product innovation.

6 Sept 2022


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