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The ultimate guide to working capital

A steady flow of working capital is vital for any business hoping to achieve long-term success. A company can have significant assets and profitability, yet find themselves unable to survive due to lack of working capital. This guide is for business owners interested in finding out more about working capital and how to calculate it, as well as those searching for sustainable practices that will help them optimise their flow of working capital.

18 Mar 2020

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Independent businesses applied for a record £102m in loans during 48 hour window as COVID-19 cashflow fears take hold

Funding Options, the marketplace for business finance, is working hard to support independent UK businesses following a rapid increase in the number of loan applications. Around 1,884 businesses in the UK applied for £101,937,336 in loans during a 48 hour window.

18 Mar 2020

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How to register a limited company - checklist

There are numerous benefits associated with registering your business as a limited company. For instance, incorporating can help you build brand credibility and protect your personal assets. The process isn’t as long as it used to be and can take just a few hours. When you’re ready to register your business as a limited company, you’ll have to submit an application form to Companies House via the HMRC website. You can also download the form in PDF format and submit it manually. Some people decide to use a third party (such as their accountant) to process the application. Either way is fine! The following checklist will help you prepare the information you need to complete the application process smoothly.

17 Mar 2020

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Deeds not words: why we’ve signed the Women in Finance Charter

“Inclusivity” is a buzzword — one that means very little without action. That’s why we’ve chosen to make our commitment to achieving gender equality in our organisation public by signing the Women in Finance Charter. We’re part of a growing movement of forward thinking companies on a mission to create a more inclusive environment. Not just within our own company, but the sector as a whole.

9 Mar 2020

women in finance charter

Funding Options signs the Women in Finance Charter to accelerate focus on diversity and inclusion

The data-driven lending platform sets new targets for itself, and introduces new flexible working policies.

3 Mar 2020

general FO news blog

Funding Options announces new leadership to drive future growth

Funding Options is today announcing the appointment of a new CEO who will lead the strategy to accelerate growth through Open Banking innovation and a wider business services marketplace for both the UK and EU.

3 Oct 2019

general FO news blog

Start-up to Scale-up: Conrad Ford steps down as CEO of Funding Options

Funding Options, the UK’s leading business finance marketplace, today announced that with the eighth anniversary of founding the company in September 2011, Conrad Ford, Founder and CEO, is stepping down from the CEO role. He will remain involved with Funding Options as a shareholder and founder.

18 Sept 2019

john glen MP

Economic Secretary talks about Funding Options

John Glen MP, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, has been speaking about Funding Options in the latest Fintech Insider podcast.

28 Jul 2019

nick ogden joins

WorldPay and ClearBank® founder Nick Ogden joins Funding Options’ board

Fintech pioneer Nick Ogden has joined the board of Funding Options, the UK’s leading business finance marketplace, as non-executive chairman.

10 Jul 2019


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