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debtor days

What are debtor days and should I use them?

Debtor days refers to the time a business waits to be paid by their customers which can be anything from 10 to 90 days, depending on the size of the business and the product or service they trade. Debtor days are usually compared to stock days which refers to how long you have stock for tying up cash flow until it’s sold.

27 Jul 2021

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Green Finance mythbusters
Green Finance

5 common myths about green finance

Green finance is designed to fund sustainable businesses and business activities. However, a few remaining misconceptions about the costs and benefits of green finance mean some businesses are putting their initiatives to transition to net-zero on hold. Here’s why it’s time to lay any doubts aside and turn those green ideas into a reality.

21 Jul 2021

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funding options announcement

Funding Options bolsters leadership team with experienced CFO appointment

Ian Savage brings wealth of fintech and financial services knowledge alongside particular expertise in driving growth.

27 Jul 2021

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electric car charge

Can hire purchase be used to access the super-deduction?

If your client needs to purchase equipment or machinery for their business but they don’t have the cash to buy it up front, hire purchase could be just what they need. What’s more, hire purchase can be used as part of the government’s super-deduction capital allowance.

26 Jul 2021

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Tech debt
Tech blog

Tech Debt? What Tech Debt?...Exactly.

In our latest tech-focused article, Funding Options’ Front End Tech Lead Tom Parsons kills Tech Debt. Yes, you heard us correctly! Read on to find out how Tech Debt’s demise has helped Tom and his team drive greater efficiency within our organisation.

22 Jul 2021

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Love Energy Savings - Business Energy

Funding Options has teamed up with Love Energy Savings

Collaboration will mean SMEs can secure finance and energy products at competitive rates from multiple providers via a single marketplace.

20 Jul 2021

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What does the mass exodus from London mean for businesses?

Some headlines would have you believe that people are leaving London in their droves, leading to a redistribution of businesses across the UK. But is this really the case? We take a closer look at the facts to determine how this shift could impact businesses.

19 Jul 2021

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How will the lifting of restrictions impact businesses?

Following a challenging year of unpredictable change, England’s business community is looking to 19 July with a sense of optimism - and slight apprehension. Let’s take a look at what we can expect following the lifting of all lockdown restrictions and how certain sectors reacted to Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday.

13 Jul 2021

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sustainable businesses
Green Finance

What is Green Finance and what does it mean for SME lending?

Green finance is a type of finance that’s been developed to support environmentally friendly businesses or business activities. This relatively new form of business finance has seen significant growth in recent times due to the commitments that governments, businesses and society has made to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 (underpinned by the Paris Agreement).

12 Jul 2021

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