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Women can too

50 Business Ideas that Women can do too

Setting up a business from scratch takes an abundance of personal and professional qualities. Courage, perseverance, competitiveness, determination, and talent - these traits will pave your road to success in any industry. Though, you'll also need access to the proper funding; get that finance wrong at the start, and your progress can be limited. Fresh entrepreneurs can also overlook the more 'serious' aspects of running a business, such as probability and risk. It would help if you thought about what companies have the best chance of success while limiting your financial risk.

10 Mar 2022

Facebook on laptop near plant

Low-cost social media marketing ideas when you have a tight budget

Nowadays, Social Media isn’t so much a choice to promote your business as it is a necessity. If you’re an SME, you can put together a very cost-effective campaign quickly and effectively. Below, Funding Options consider some of the leading social media platforms and identify five initiatives you can promote across the spectrum with minimum effort.

3 Mar 2022

Airplane taking off
FX & International Payments

How do I use Wise to receive money from a client?

Powered by Wise, Funding Options provides SMEs with greater choice when it comes to FX and international payments. Create an international business account to pay invoices, suppliers and employees — with the real exchange rate — in more than 70 countries, without the added burden of subscription fees and hidden charges. Receiving money from clients is also easy. Here’s how:

28 Feb 2022

The New Normal (Card)

The New Normal: The End of Covid-19 Restrictions

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech Monday outlined the U.K. government’s new long-term COVID-19 plan, with today marking the first step towards ‘living with covid’ as all remaining self-isolation requirements are lifted today.

24 Feb 2022

Balloon getting inflated

Ideas to cope with rising inflation as a business

Inflation in the UK is running at a multi-decade high of 5.5%, placing considerable pressure on businesses, snaring them in a vicious cycle of rising prices to cover the increase of input prices. If clients can’t afford your costs, they might put off a purchase, spend less, or visit your business less.

24 Feb 2022

How can SMEs overcome supply chain disruption?

How SMEs can mitigate supply chain disruption

In a recent webinar, our Head of Sales, Ryan Hyde-Smith, was joined by Edward Revell from Starling Bank and Hugh Doherty from Smith & Williamson, to discuss how supply chain disruption is impacting UK SMEs. Here, we discuss how businesses can mitigate supply chain challenges through preparation and funding.

17 Feb 2022

dog with glasses

Love your pet? Here are some pet business ideas to explore

February 20th is *love your pet day* in USA. But why celebrate your love of animals for just 24 hours when you can do it all year round? If you’ve been considering starting a pet business, you’ve come to the right place. Kick off your new venture with one of these business ideas…

17 Feb 2022

Pricing checklist

Setting realistic targets for 2022 and how to raise the finance to achieve them

If your business survived 2020-2021, you’ve come through the deepest recession and trauma this country has experienced in several decades. In some ways, getting through the downturn and pandemic proves that you have grit, and your business is built on solid foundations; if your business survived the pandemic, you could survive just about anything. As society and businesses crank back into life after the lockdowns and restrictions, 2022 could be a bumper year for many SMEs. We’ll use specific businesses as examples to discuss ideas and examples of how to get the funding in place to achieve your ambitions and targets.

17 Feb 2022

FX & International Payments

How to pay an international invoice

It’s easy to understand why businesses want to trade and hire talent internationally. Adopting a global mindset can open up opportunities and make companies more competitive. But how can UK businesses be globally active without having to pay costly fees when they transfer money overseas? With an international business account, it’s easy.

16 Feb 2022


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