The Women in Fintech series: In conversation with Naomi Kander

3 Mar 2021

Since discovering the world of Fintech, Naomi hasn’t looked back and is paving the way for others to join.

Women in Fintech

There’s a risk of making inclusion and diversity too difficult if we focus solely on the negatives. We know there’s a problem, but we also need to draw on positive examples of womens’ achievements to illuminate the way for others.  

For Naomi Kander, vision is everything. 

Growing up, she always had an eye for information and “naturally gravitated to roles that involved collecting, organising and analysing a lot of data”. 

Naomi says the phrase “you can't be what you can't see” aligns perfectly with her experience.  Fintech wasn’t on her radar because growing up, she “didn't know anyone who worked in either finance or tech”.  

Naomi Kander

Naomi Kander, Salesforce Administrator

The power of upskilling

In her previous roles, Naomi found that “having great, user-friendly systems to handle and manage data” enabled her to get the most out of her experiences. Despite her passion for information and data processing, something was missing. 

“I kept hitting the same wall: the tech!” 

Naomi had experience of using the Salesforce CRM, and rated the company and its products highly. So, she decided to upskill and “train as a Salesforce Administrator to be able to make use of this great tech to manage all different types of data”. 

 “You can't be what you can't see.”

Naomi says her Salesforce certification is what introduced her to the world of Fintech and the many other inspiring women working across finance and technology. 

Meeting more women at the table 

For Naomi, becoming Salesforce-certified and moving into the Fintech industry “has been amazing”. She now gets to combine her Salesforce knowhow with her expertise in data collection, management and analysis.

“Not only do I get to help build out our system to meet our needs, I also get to explore the Fintech world and apply my passion for data in this sector”.

Naomi admits that in the past, she’d often be “the only woman in a meeting room”.

“...find strength in the other women at work and seek out the men who are your allies too”. 

When she started at Funding Options, Naomi remembers being pleasantly surprised to find that there was a dedicated meeting for all the women at the company. “This was a chance to celebrate all the different achievements of the women across the company”. 

“It showed me that the company had its eyes open to the realities of women in Fintech and is serious about supporting us”. 

Advice for the next generation 

Naomi recommends reaching out to the people around you if you’re a woman working in finance or technology who feels they don’t belong. “If you're struggling, don't struggle alone: find strength in the other women at work and seek out the men who are your allies too”. 

The Fintech industry is making some positive strides in improving diversity and inclusion and it’s important we keep sharing the successes of women in Fintech

As Naomi says, “you can’t be what you can’t see”. It’s our hope that these stories will help others see that the Fintech industry is a place where they belong. 

Discover more about Funding Options and the different inclusivity charters we’ve signed up to.

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Zoe Cornish

Chief People & Operations Officer

Zoe Cornish is the Chief People & Operating Officer at Funding Options. Zoe has an extensive background in human resources and in developing and implementing people strategies within companies, covering employee engagement, performance management, organisational culture, coaching, as well as policies and practice. Prior to Funding Options, Zoe was the COO at Emerald group (acquired by Mind Tools).

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