Simon Cureton

Chief Executive Officer

Simon has been Chief Executive Officer at Funding Options since 2019, spearheading its transformation into a leading fintech with the launch of its Funding Cloud platform. Simon has over 27 years of experience in financial services, having held senior posts at some of the biggest players in the industry all over the world.

Group of people planning in meeting

Why alternative finance is not so alternative anymore

At Funding Options, we think it’s time for the industry to drop the ‘alternative’ from alternative finance. Funding Circle delivered almost a quarter of all CBILS loans, and Starling Bank expects to own 18% of SME business banking accounts within the next five years. Fintech lenders have entered the mainstream - we need to give them the recognition they deserve.

22 Sept 2021

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private equity for business

A guide to private equity funds

Private equity is an alternative form of private financing outside of the public markets, where funds and investors directly invest in companies or are involved in buyouts of companies. Usually, the investment funds are made to established businesses or more traditional industries in exchange for equity, or percentage of ownership. We explore private equity as a finance option and why so many businesses choose this kind of capital.

23 Sept 2021

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business loan application

What documents do I need when applying for a business loan?

Applying for a business loan does take a little admin time but once you’ve got the right documents in place, your application should be processed fairly quickly. We explore what documents you’ll need to have at hand when applying for a business loan.

3 Sept 2021

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lend green
Green Finance

Why is it important to “Lend Green”?

The government’s vision to ‘Build Back Greener’ following the Covid-19 pandemic sets out a policy direction for the UK to reach its carbon emissions reduction target of 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels. But a new report from Bankers for Net Zero argues that for SMEs to implement sufficient carbon reduction policies and regulatory requirements, more financial support is needed.

11 Aug 2021

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Can you save on your CBILS loan repayment costs by refinancing for a RLS loan?

Last week, the Financial Times reported that as much as £5bn of state-backed government Covid-19 funding is at risk of not being repaid. So, what can business owners who took out a government-back loan – or any other type of finance – do to help ease the financial burden? For many, refinancing debt using the RLS could reduce repayment costs.

9 Aug 2021

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Default Hero - Funding Options

What is a creditor?

A creditor is an individual or business that lends money to another individual or business through providing products or services to them. As soon as they provide the service or product or simply give the loan they become a creditor as they’re owed the money back.

2 Aug 2021

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Power pylons at sunset
Business Energy

Could your business save by switching energy providers?

Like individual consumers or households, some businesses stick with the same energy supplier for years – decades, even. But changing business energy supplier can help you keep your expenses under control. Could you be saving capital by switching today?

29 Jul 2021

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What does the mass exodus from London mean for businesses?

Some headlines would have you believe that people are leaving London in their droves, leading to a redistribution of businesses across the UK. But is this really the case? We take a closer look at the facts to determine how this shift could impact businesses.

19 Jul 2021

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How will the lifting of restrictions impact businesses?

Following a challenging year of unpredictable change, England’s business community is looking to 19 July with a sense of optimism - and slight apprehension. Let’s take a look at what we can expect following the lifting of all lockdown restrictions and how certain sectors reacted to Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday.

13 Jul 2021

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