Funding Options signs the Women in Finance Charter

3 Mar 2020

The data-driven lending platform sets new targets for itself, and introduces new flexible working policies.

women in finance charter

Funding Options, the marketplace for business finance, has signed up for the HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter to demonstrate its commitment to increasing gender diversity both within its business, and across the industry.

Alongside the Charter, Funding Options is introducing a number of new targets and parental leave policies, including:

  • An aim to have at least 40% of executive team and board positions filled by females by December 2020

  • Six months at 75% pay for all new parents regardless of gender, family structure or circumstance

  • Two weeks of secondary caregiver leave at 100% pay

The company is also introducing a number of other initiatives and training, including:

  • Emerging leader training to ensure equal progression for everyone within the business no matter their gender, age, or ethnicity

  • Training on diversity, inclusion and belonging at Funding Options

  • Unconscious bias training for everyone in the business

  • Increased flexibility in contract hours for every employee, and return to work transitioning plans after parental leave

The company currently has a gender split of 33.3% female and 66.6% male, but is actively focused on improving this figure. Signing the Women in Finance Charter is just one step on this journey. The senior team is evaluating industry frameworks which will give the business parameters within which it works to ensure diversity across all business processes.

Funding Options is also exploring how it can help support the gender diversity of the wider entrepreneurial and business ecosystem in the UK, and how the finance industry can be more transparent in how it measures and supports diversity.  

David Keene, Funding Options’ CMO and the executive responsible for gender diversity and inclusion, says: “Financial Services has a diversity and inclusion challenge. It is important that we all work hard to address and improve this. We're proud to start this initiative with a commitment to the Women in Finance Charter.” 

Keene continues: “We know we can do better, both as a business and as part of the wider industry. We believe that with diversity comes new ideas and ways of working, something that can only bring benefits for us and our customers. It is something we look at on a monthly basis within the business, and we are exploring what else we can do.”

Jacquie Williamson, People Director at Funding Options, says: “Funding Options’ commitments resonate greatly with me, both in my role as People Director, and as a woman working within the finance industry. There’s a lot of positive work going on within the sector to encourage more gender diversity, and I’m pleased to be part of that movement.

Williamson continues: “I look forward to working with the Funding Options leadership team to drive through our exciting new policies, reach for our targets, and ultimately deliver on our commitments set out within the Women in Finance Charter, and beyond.”

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About Funding Options:

Funding Options is the leading marketplace for business finance, helping businesses across the UK and Netherlands find the right funding for their situation. With 200 lender partners, Funding Options is delivering hundreds of millions of pounds in vital finance to thousands of businesses every year. Whether you’re looking to grow, finance new assets or pay off a tax bill - Their award-winning technology searches the market to find the right funding options for your situation. It takes minutes, there’s no obligation, and it’s easy to use. A dedicated team of experienced Business Finance Specialists are there to take out the legwork, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most - running your business. 

Funding Options is one of the winners in Nesta’s Open Up Challenge for Open Banking, and has been designated by HM Treasury for the bank referral scheme to help UK SMEs find alternative finance when they’re unsuccessful with the major banks.

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Courteney Way
Courteney Way

Marketing Director

Courteney Way is the Marketing Director at Funding Options, raising the profile of the fast-growth fintech within the ecosystem and building brand awareness as a vital provider of finance solutions to SMEs. For the past ten years, she has worked across UK, European and South African markets and In 2022, she was recognised as part of Women in Fintech Powerlist.

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