Are you ready for the Westmorland Show and UK Dairy Day?

5 Sept 2022

Agricultural shows provide farm-based company owners with opportunities to network, learn and grow their business. Find out more about some of the benefits of attending these shows, and take the opportunity to get a few upcoming event dates in the diary!

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Agriculture is a huge part of the UK economy. For hundreds of years now, agricultural shows have provided farmers and other professionals with a place to meet others from the industry, ask questions, trade, and learn about the newest innovations on the market. 

There are a variety of agricultural shows across the UK that take place in spring, summer and autumn each year. There are two coming up this month: Westmorland Show in Cumbria and UK Dairy Day in Shropshire. Are you ready to attend? 

Westmorland Show: 7-8 September 

This year’s Westmorland Show at Lane Farm in Cumbria will be the 223rd, making it one of the oldest agricultural shows in the UK. It will be held over two days this year on Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 September. You can purchase tickets online via the show’s website. (Tickets will only be available at the gate if there are any left over).

Livestock classes are going to be split across both days. The event also includes a programme of activities and there will be over 400 trade stands exhibiting. For the full lowdown on ticketing, location and what's on each day, visit

UK Dairy Day: 14 September 

It’s free to attend UK Dairy Day and you’re not required to pre-register. This annual one-day event at the International Centre in Telford has lots of useful and engaging demonstrations, exhibitions and shows dedicated to the UK dairy industry, including:

  • Trade stands (here’s a list of this year’s exhibitors)

  • Cattle shows

  • Seminars, Breed Village, a Sharing Knowledge Zone and a Careers Board.

  • Practical demonstrations

3 benefits of attending agricultural shows 

Agricultural shows are a fantastic resource for farmers: they can help you meet like-minded business owners and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technology and equipment. They also provide you with an opportunity to help others.

1. Promoting yourself 

Shows enable you to promote your business to potential new customers and collaborators. Talk about your achievements and how you’re evolving. If you’re renting a stand, be sure to exchange contact information with visitors that come your way. 

2. Expanding your network

You might already have a lot of contacts at farms near you, but what about further afield? Agricultural shows provide you with the opportunity to cast your net even wider. Remember to ask questions: if you’ve encountered some challenges this year, speak with others and find out how they’ve dealt with similar problems in the past. 

3. Staying ahead of the curve

Agricultural shows are full of industry experts ready to exchange knowledge. It’s your chance to learn about new technologies and approaches, so be sure to check out any seminars or demonstrations that are taking place. This can help you make an informed decision about what to invest in in order to move your own business forward. 

Funding for agricultural businesses

Running a successful farming business is no mean feat. 

Global competition and economic uncertainty can make operations even more of a challenge. If you require additional finance, there are a range of farm loans and finance options out there that are designed to meet the needs of the agriculture industry. 

These include:

  • Finance options to buy livestock, feed, seeds and fertiliser.

  • Tractor Hire or Tractor Leasing options that enable you to lease a tractor.

  • Commercial finance options that can help you buy land or build new buildings.

  • Financing for small-scale renewable energy and net zero projects on your farm, including solar panels.

You can check your eligibility with our online form without affecting your credit score.

Get agricultural asset finance

If you’re missing Westmorland and UK Dairy Day this year, don’t worry – there are lots of opportunities to network this year.  These agricultural shows are taking place in Q4: 

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Vivek Seda

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Agricultural asset finance

Check your eligibility with our online form without affecting your credit score.

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