Top reasons to apply for business credit cards

7 Apr 2022

Understand the benefits of getting a business credit card, such as streamlining your business spending or managing cash flow while earning rewards.

Top reasons to apply for business credit cards

As a small business owner, looking into business credit cards can be an excellent finance option. As a type of lending, credit cards can provide many benefits, most notably control and flexibility. Here we'll discuss several other reasons why integrating credit card spending into your business operations can be a prudent move towards developing sound economics.

What is a business credit card?

Business credit cards are designed to be used by a business rather than an individual and are available to all sizes, from sole traders to multinational corporations. Like personal credit cards, businesses can use their card to make purchases for goods and services, help build a credit profile, and manage employee spending and business expenses while also benefiting from perks and rewards, such as free employee cards and higher credit limits. 

An added benefit is that since business spending per client is greater than personal spending, credit card companies are always looking to onboard new, creditworthy customers.

Why should I get a business credit card?

Do I need a business credit card?

Whether to control spending, smooth out cash flow problems, reduce administration, or provide a straightforward method for employees to have an expenses account, a business credit card can be an invaluable resource. Check out our guide on how business credit cards work below.

Business Credit Cards

Are there downsides to business credit cards?

Credit cards can prove extremely valuable to your operation's smooth running if you settle your outstanding balance each month. However, the interest rate can be high, so you can quickly rack up expensive debts if you have a credit balance that rolls over and only make minimum payments each month.

Additionally, some of your suppliers might not take the card and can be wary that a business may dishonestly take advantage of the extra protection. 

The spending limit can also be low initially, meaning you might need to be selective about when and where you use it.

Can you get a business credit card if you have no or bad credit?

Yes, is the answer. Many credit cards are available for individuals with poor credit ratings, and the business world is similar. The limit you initially get can be pretty small. However, if you manage the facility carefully, the credit card could prove helpful when improving your score.

How to apply for a business credit card

When applying for a business or small business credit card, business owners are inclined to shop around for the best deals and fit for their business. At Funding Options, we can provide a solution relieving you of this time-consuming exercise. Through our application process, we do the heavy lifting for you. Click here to start the process.

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