Thomas Boyd

Thomas Boyd

Head of Commercial

Thomas Boyd is the Head of Commercial at Funding Options. Thomas started his career in the finance sector at LendingCrowd. His work over the past five years has focused on supporting the vibrant and growing community of SMEs across the UK.


How to manage your clients’ cash flow with funding

Managing cash flow is critical for the survival and success of any company. But the disruption caused by Covid-19 and Brexit has made it all the more difficult for many businesses to maintain a positive cash flow. In this post, we’ll run through how you can help manage your clients’ cash flow by leveraging flexible business finance.

17 Aug 2021

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Tech blog

Who makes up the SME lending ecosystem?

The SME lending ecosystem is made up of numerous entities operating in the business finance sector, including business banks, non-bank lenders, accountancy firms and lending platforms like Funding Options. Read on to find out more about how the lending ecosystem is evolving, and how Funding Cloud is helping to support it.

4 Aug 2021

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debtor days

What are debtor days and should I use them?

Debtor days refers to the time a business waits to be paid by their customers which can be anything from 10 to 90 days, depending on the size of the business and the product or service they trade. Debtor days are usually compared to stock days which refers to how long you have stock for tying up cash flow until it’s sold.

27 Jul 2021

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electric car charge

Can hire purchase be used to access the super-deduction?

If your client needs to purchase equipment or machinery for their business but they don’t have the cash to buy it up front, hire purchase could be just what they need. What’s more, hire purchase can be used as part of the government’s super-deduction capital allowance.

26 Jul 2021

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trade finance

Trade Finance: Buy and import goods from around the world

Sanjay Vallabh is a Trade Finance Advisory Consultant and founder of Vallabh Associates Ltd. In this article, together with Funding Options’ Head of Advisory Thomas Boyd, he aims to demystify the dark art of trade finance for SMEs, mid-corporates, manufacturers, importers, exporters and advisors.

5 Jul 2021

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opening hospitality businesses

6 types of financial support for hospitality businesses

As the UK’s hospitality sector emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, the businesses hit hardest such as pubs, restaurants and hotels are likely to need financial support to help keep their doors open once more. Our blog explores the financial options available for hospitality businesses looking for cash flow support.

24 Jun 2021

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How to speak to your clients about business finance

For some, securing the right type of finance can be the difference between success and failure. It’s never been more important for the business community to understand what funding is available and how to apply. Here’s how you, as an advisor, can kickstart the conversation.

22 Jun 2021

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IFA recovery and reform webinar

Recovery and reform: The post Covid-19 lending landscape webinar

On the 27 May 2021, our Head of Sales Ryan Hyde-Smith and Head of Advisory Thomas Boyd hosted a webinar in partnership with the IFA to discuss the post Covid-19 recovery and the reform to the lending landscape.

28 May 2021

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Build a digital future by adding funding to your advisory proposition

Gaining access to funding can be challenging for SMEs, especially those with a short trading history, lack of security or less-than-perfect credit history. Fortunately, alternative finance provisions are changing the narrative. Find out why now’s the perfect time for your accountancy firm to adopt the role of funding advisor for your clients.

15 Apr 2021

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